Punjab 1984 Full Movie Download

Punjab 1984 Full Movie Download

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Director: Anurag Singh
Writter: Surmeet Maavi, Anurag Singh
Stars: Sonam Bajwa, Arun Bali, Daljinder Basran


Punjab 1984 is that the story of a mother and her missing son, set at intervals the scenery of 1984 geographic area, once the state was littered with act of act of terrorism. The film depicts the craving of a mother for her son and her look for her son, World Health Organization is labelled a terrorist. It shows but he eventually fights for his rights, whereas craving to return back home due to his love for his mother. It to boot tells U.S.A. extra concerning the time, that was really sensitive for the youth of geographic area. The film is dedicated to the thousands of mothers World Health Organization lost their sons to those riots.

Punjabi picture geographic area 1984 opened to an incredible response, not entirely in Asian nation but to boot abroad. in step with reports and trade analysts, the image show is anticipated to interrupt the record of highest gap in Punjabi cinema.
The geographic area 1984 might be a wise plan to recapitulate the painful yesteryears of Punjab’s political and social history. the image show succeeds to convey it’s message AN exceedingly|in a terribly} terribly delicate manner. typically|this can be} often the reason that some sections of picture critics have labelled the story as originative withdrawn from reality and a distortion of facts. {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very delicate manner Diljit Dosanj conveys that in those painful days, the terrorists, the police and so the politicians all connived at intervals the horrific plan to gift the reality of 1984 once Golden Temple was invaded by the military to flush out Sant Bhinderanwale and his brigade.

The story details things and condition of a mother’s (Kirron Kher ) searching for the love of The director vividly narrates the story of act game organize of the politicians and their mediators, World Health Organization show their true colours.

The setting is very rural from Amritsar district villages. The director of the image can a effort act by showing but a gaggle of terrorists killed Hindus movement {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very bus. The atrocious conduct of the geographic area police. The story to boot imbibes the actual fact of village level feuds regarding cultivation of land. Such personal rivalries resulted in larger incident of killing one in every of the farmers by Shiva.

1984 is repeatedly echoed at intervals the film but the massacre of the Sikhs in whole of the country has not been justifiably self-addressed pictorially. The massacre of the Sikhs following the assassination of political leader, the then prime minister is oblivious.From another angle it’s going to be said that it is the story of mother World Health Organization puzzling his son at intervals the riots of 1984, once geographic area was managing the terrible quantity of act of act of terrorism. This picture is that the love of the mother trying his son and so the love of his son to his mother. the image show look sensitive.

Militants, World Health Organization were shown as heading struggle for Khalistan kills Hindus whereas pull them out of buses and plant bombs in buses to kill folks.

Presenting a gathering of (so-called) militants as “conference”, militants ar shown as fighting with each other on minor things. One previous militant says ‘talk to city, there isn’t any use of bullets’. Another says ‘the power of gun will bring out Khalistan’. The killing of Hindus is then in addition to this (meeting). Some militants World Health Organization thought that such killings were wrong visit assassinate that militant leader but the hero of the image show do not fireside the bullet at that leader.

But at the highest the militant cluster leader of that Daljit Dosanjh was member and his previous authority ar shown as traitors World Health Organization were ultimately killed by Diljit Dosanjh at intervals the image show.

Actually, no issue is at the most focus of the image show. typically|this can be} often degree notional story that has been named as “Punjab 1984” merely to sell it.

This picture defames the militant movement and shows Khalistani characters as a cruel entities. This film mustn’t be confused of obtaining relation to the 1984 trauma of the Sikhs or the Sikh freedom movement.From film’s purpose of scan Kirron Kher’s [*fr1] is great. She has shown the height of motherly feelings in her role.

Anurag Singh World Health Organization has earlier directed such plenty of smart and amusement targeted movies like Jatt & Juliet, Jatt & Juliet 2, ballroom Singh and Yaar Anmulle, all of that were fun packed comedies; typically|this can be} often his first serious subject throughout a} Punjabi picture that’s predicated on a really sensitive topic of 1984 putting to death. excluding the director Anurag Singh, it’s a primary time for Diljit Dosanjh still to face a current challenge. till presently he has done comic characters thereupon he has done on the far side any doubt tremendous job and gathered huge appreciation from his fans around the world. geographic area 1984 is degree approaching Punjabi picture stellar Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Kirron Kher, Pawan Malhotra, Arun Baali, genus Rana Ranbir, Manav Vij, Vansh Bhardwaj & Vishwas Kini among many others. The film has already gained most attention of the audience and so the critics before its unhitch due to its controversial and sensitive script and story. till presently the film look to possess a controversial scenes and dialogues which we tend to hope that it will be free this weekday by not rich issue.

the story of the film then the film focuses on the story of a boy World Health Organization was forced to depart home throughout the fateful year in geographic area, and his own personal story & challenges in attempting to return back home. it is a very touching and emotional story in step with the critics and is certainly aiming to set a heart touching experience to the viewers once they will watch the image show. The film is improbably smart at the foremost of the key points and can do alright on box geographical point. depicted by Diljit Dosanjh as his ‘dream project’ the image show everywhere once more brings on Diljit Dosanjh with director Anurag Singh & Gunbir Juliet series. it is a connective story, excellent star solid, well practiced and widespread film makers and touching songs in it together with high promotions, therefore in step with the critics and reviewers, geographic area 1984 has everything in its account which can produce it associate degree honest and successful unhitch

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