Rajakumari (2014)Full Movie Free Download

Rajakumari (2014)Full Movie Free Download



 Lakshmi Prabha (Meena) is associate degree owner of a Neelagiri Estates and woman from a house. throughout her engagement her father gets a telephone that each one his shares face downfall and their properties area unit lost. This makes all the relatives to prevent the ceremony and run away from the house as they concern nothing are left for them. however the decision|call|telephone call|telephone|telephony} is really a wrong call and their shares and properties area unit safe. however before knowing this, her father dies of a attack. Prabha is incredibly depressed on her father’s death and her relative’s perspective. She deicdes that she would marry someone United Nations agencym she loves instead of someone who is from house like her. Her friend invitations her to her home for modification of place and he or she goes there. The house happened to be the neighbour house of Venkat. Prabha observes everything concerning Venkat,his family and his unemployed condition. She finds however useful he’s once he helps associate degree abandoned kid despite his struggle. She offers employment in her estate as manager however doesn’t reveal herself. Venkat goes to Neelagiri Estate to affix in his new job. He meets king of the palace United Nations agency is really not king however bourgeois acting as king as per Prabha’s arrange. Prabha introduces herself as Lakshmi servant maid of the palace. Venkat United Nations agency believes that as per grandmother’s dream he would marry a patrician and sets for search of his bride. Prabha loves him however doesn’t reveal that she could be a patrician as doesn’t need a man United Nations agency return for her Royal identity and cash however United Nations agency comes just for her. Since Lakshmi is simply a servant maid he doesn’t show interest on her. however Prabha waits with patience for Venkat to like servant Lakshmi not patrician Prabha,

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