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Alex Kurtzman


Jon Spaihts

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The Mummy (2017)  movie in Hindi
The story takes after Naval force Seal Tyler Yearling and his main goal in the Iraqi desert to discover a gathering of terrorists hanging out in a dugout. To his and his group’s astonish, the terrorists inside of the shelter turn out be just some grave looters who have all mystically passed on. After entering the shelter Tyler and his group additionally succumb to some otherworldly strengths out of their control. They soon understand the fortification they have penetrated is really a centuries old tomb. Anarchy ejects as all the Naval force Seal individuals begin turning on each other and are enamored by the powers inside of the tomb. Tyler is the one and only to make it the distance profound inside of the tomb alive to locate a dark iron sarcophagus. It’s checked with Egyptian images like the Ankh and Eye of Horus. Here Tyler is beseeched by the powers to open the sarcophagus and discharge what is inside. In any case, in the wake of setting his hand on the sarcophagus, he is quickly wounded in the palm with a star molded image. From brain point at the forefront of Tyler’s thoughts is reviled with dreams of Ashurbanipal, Ruler of Assyria… The Mummy.

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