Trimurti Full Movie Watch Online

Trimurti Full Movie Watch Online


mukul Anand

Anil Kapoor , Anirudh Agarwal , Gautami , Jackie Shroff , Mohan Agashe ,Priya Tendulkar , Shah Rukh Khan , Tinnu Anand

Story The dedicated Satyadevi Inspector Singh is accused of a crime and sentenced to life imprisonment by a notorious gangster named Khokha Singh. Satyadevi leaves three young children in the orphanage, Shakti, Anand, and Romi, His “Trimurti” (trio Gods) who hopes someday will take revenge for that humiliation. But 18 years later when Satyadevi is released from prison for good behavior, he faces reality. His “Trimurti” take different paths in life and minor, Romi, works to Khokha Singh ..

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